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About Us – Years Past…

In the early 1920’s, Arnot Heller came to Detroit during the Great Depression.   Right after the war, he opened up a basement machine shop to serve the short-run prototype needs of the Detroit automakers and other industries.   Elder Heller and his son, Arnot Heller II didn’t know that their humble beginnings would soon blossom.

By 1975, the family business was prospering.   Arnot Heller II and his father bought Central Screw Products and combined the businesses.    The business served heavy-duty truck and agricultural implements market by providing low-volume production screw machine work.   The boys, Arnot Heller III and his brother Matt pitched in and began their initiation into the machining business and also both concurrently began their pursuit of mechanical engineering degrees.

By 1999, Arnot Heller III went to work full-time in the family business.   The company was thriving serving a nationally known hand tool manufacturer.   This was Central Screw Products largest and most important account.    At the turn of the Millennium, the U.S. economy and manufacturing were going through considerable down-sizing due to much of the manufacturing sector moving off-shore.   By June 2001, the Heller family received a devastating blow and their premier account was lost to overseas manufacturers.   In a single phone call, Central Screw Products had lost better than 80% of its business.

The family business continued to survive and enjoyed modest business growth during the 1st part of the 21st century. In 2005, Matt Heller joined the business to help drive growth and change   As both brothers are degreed mechanical engineers from a new generation – things did start to change.   Arnot and Matt eventually purchased the business from their father in 2010.  They believed there would always be a place in U.S. domestic manufacturing for complex, challenging parts utilizing multi-axis milling and turning combined with a high level of automation to maximize cost efficiencies.   Between 2002 and 2009, the Heller brothers spent time in China developing suppliers and building business relationships with many Chinese manufacturers.    And so began the next chapter of Central Screw Products….