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Because of its proven ability to supply OEM volume part quantities to the automotive and HD Truck industries, Central Screw Products has been tapped by Aerospace OEMs to assist them with highly complex parts in aerospace-grade materials. Serving the four industry sectors (shown in the diagram to the right), CSP is a willing and capable supply chain partner.

Aerospace manufacturing trends

Aerospace four markets
Plane Assembly Line

Having prepared through a decade’s worth of supply chain development in China and emerging foreign supplier markets, Central Screw Products is well positioned to work in todays integrated global supply chain paradigm. Along with our highly technical domestic manufacturing capabilities, Central Screw Products has well-established relationships with our global supply chain partners. Central Screw Products has years of experience managing these resources to ensure our end products are of the highest quality, cost efficient, and delivered on time within our ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 compliant manufacturing environment.