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Central Screw Products

Central Screw Products (CSP) is a greater Detroit production machining company that manufactures production runs of precision machined parts right here in Michigan, and via our worldwide network of manufacturing partners. Our production services are designed to provide the optimal manufacturing supply chain for your specific needs. CSP engineers will evaluate each individual product and provide a suggestion for how and where the part should be manufactured.

Central Screw Products utilizes a global network of partner companies to ensure that the customer’s parts are running on the correct equipment and in the correct location for cost optimization. Typical jobs are 5,000 to 50,000 pieces per year, but production runs at CSP can be as low as 25 pieces and as high as 1,000,000+.   All materials are currently utilized and additional services are available on a part-by-part basis.

We Specialize in High-volume Automated CNC ManufacturingCSP is capable of assembly and multiple part production relying on our operations in the USA and global network of manufacturing partners. Along with precision parts, we are capable of stamping, injection molding rubber and plastic, and fabricating other portions of assemblies as needed.


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