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Heavy-Duty & Off-Highway Truck Parts

Commercial vehicle makers around the world face a complex set of challenges that together add up to mounting pressure on their profit margins. Companies are grappling with the impact of intensifying competition from emerging-market players, with the increased commoditization of product, and ever-tightening environmental regulations.  Moreover, the major market trends shaping the industry vary markedly across geographies, thereby adding to the complexity confronting industry players. Cost optimization has become more crucial than ever for commercial-vehicle makers. Savvy supply-chain management will be vital in the coming years for commercial-vehicle companies.

Dump Truck

Central Screw Products and CSP Truck are uniquely positioned to assist our Heavy-Duty Truck customers.   With many decades of experience serving some of the top-tier OEM’s in the industry – we speak your language.  For those OEM’s favoring the economic benefits of off-shore production; we’ve spent a decade in developing and fostering reliable supply chain partners who are highly technical and capable of working within our ISO 9001:2008 structure.   These components have any critical finish machining completed here in the USA; with all components undergoing rigorous quality control evaluation at our facility here in Michigan. We can manufacture your custom Class 8 bushings, spring wraps, bar pins, side bars, shock brackets, and many other Class 8 suspension parts.   Contact us today and let us quote your Heavy-Duty, Off-Road truck, fire truck, and mining equipment part component projects.