Design, process, & manufacture

At Central Screw Products, we hold ourselves and the parts we produce to the highest standard of quality.

According to the Central Screw Products recipe, quality isn’t a separate department. Instead, our quality systems and methods serve as the foundation and structure to all of our day to day operations. From account management and engineering to production and packaging, we focus on quality at every step. Each member of our team plays a role in providing the best quality to our customers.

Our quality control systems include the use of a database provided by Zeiss Metrology to collect and analyze several data streams. Our extensive data collection of millions of data points allows us to compare quality data on any part at any point in the process. Central Screw Products doesn’t wait until the product is complete to verify quality. Our machine tools utilize Renishaw Probes to validate parts in process just like our Zeiss Contura CMM, further reducing the chances of a quality issue.

As our company has expanded, so has our quality department.

We’ve added a Keyence IM-7000 series instant measurement system, allowing us to take instantaneous measurements on the shop floor within 2-microns of accuracy. These measurements are then automatically exported to our Zeiss database for storage and analysis, allowing us the most accurate data throughout the entire process. These quality tools not only help guarantee our parts are right the first time, but that we can hold more stringent specifications with greater ease compared to similar sized shops.

World Class Features

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Zeiss Contura CMM used to check parts
  • Mitutoyo IP65 rated hand gauging
  • Keyence IM-7000 series instant measurement system
  • Zeiss PiWeb Software for quality data management
  • Trained team members in quality control throughout all departments